A Kitsune fox is really enjoying her night with her friends. 
The group of Kitsune is dancing in the forest, surrounded by the sweet light of the fox fires (Kitsunebi).
However, there is not enough sake according to her taste, so she decides to go to the village disguised as a human, to steal some. 

On her way, she meets a giant frog. So they make a pact; she would ride him to go faster, but they would share the sake. Good deal!
Unfortunately, they pass in front of a shrine, habited by an old samurai armour. The spirit of a warrior who has fought the army of the terrible Takiyasha Hime has been awaken. In fact, This woman with light over her head, riding a giant frog, in the night, really looks like the terrible princess who once wanted to conquer Japan!

They have to escape the terrible samurai ghost.

 The frog goes in the water, and Aka has to abandon the sake to him. 
(4)* Watching the scene, as a kind gesture, the big sea giant, Umi bozu, decides to save the little fox.

Back at her place, exhausted, she decides to sleep. Nevermind! Let's party tomorrow instead!